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The possibilities of our solutions go as far as your imagination will allow: unlock your front door for a visitor, adjust your lighting to meet any occasion, raise or lower your thermostat to save energy, and crank up the volume of your audio system any room - all from the convenience of a single remote or mobile device.

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Wouldn't life be better if everything worked together? We're making it simple and affordable for you to easily control any intelligent device in your home — from TVs and thermostats, door locks and DVRs — no matter where you are, you can set and tweak everything to your liking.By using one easy-to-use interface, even online or from your smart phone. This is all you need - simple, elegant home control.

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The Control4 MyHome App

Home theaters create a room changing experience and can add value to your home. We can offer the right options and advice when choosing any components necessary to build this dream room. Consider the end-to-end experience when building a home theater. Not only is video and sound quality a major factor, but also lighting control and simplified equipment control. One button is all you need to start your favorite action movie with the perfect lighting scene.

Selecting the right components is one of the more discouraging tasks that any serious home theater enthusiast can face. Depending on your style and budget, we can create a customized system, or select a ready-to-go home theater system that is right for you.

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JVC’s 4K DLA Projector

We use Control4, Lutron HomeWorks & RadioRa 2 technologies to add elegance, ambiance, and energy efficiency to any room. Wireless dimmers and switches offer complete control of your lights without construction hassles.We can help reduce your energy usage while enhancing your visual environment. All this without bringing you the discomfort of excessive upgrade works and repairs.

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New Smart Lighting Keypads

Shading systems from Lutron are the ideal solution for total ambient light control. Their simplified wiring and common communication interface allow for easy integration with Lutron and Control4 lighting controls. Wireless shading systems are perfect for retrofitting and renovation projects and are beautiful, scalable, and reliable. Click Here to Browse Shade & Drapery Fabrics

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Serena Shades: The Benefits

Play music or watch your HDTV in any room independently. All this from a single set of audio and video gear. Any member of your family can have an independent source of audio and video to enjoy without the use of redundant A/V equipment throughout the house. HD sources such as cable and satellite boxes, DVD players, and multimedia servers can be distributed over a single Cat-5 cable to achieve a simple, cost effective multi-room system.

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Fusion Movie Servers

Why wait for your monthly bill to see what you own in electricity? Monitor and manage your energy use on your TV or mobile device. See real-time usage, updating costs, projected monthly costs, and kilowatt per hour consumption. Monitoring your energy use and individual circuits allows you to make adjustments throughout the month to make sure you stay on budget. No energy bill will ever come as a surprise again.

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Eragy Energy Monitoring

Integrating surveillance and security into your system gives you a peace of mind wherever you are. Toggle your security system and unlock doors remotely for deliveries and visitors. Our intelligent solution ca provide e-mails or texts while you are away in case of intrusion. Have 24/7 video surveillance accessible on any TV or mobile device in the house. Your vacation homes are no longer a worry with our fully integrated system.

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Yale Zigbee Door Lock

A strong network is vital to any modern home and even more to commercial setting. Whether sharing files, getting some work done on the patio, or streaming music wirelessly from your iPhone to your home audio system, a wireless network needs to be strong and accessible from all areas. We can set up one for you, troubleshoot, or improve your existing one to optimize its performance or the range you need.

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Apple Airplay

Commercial Applications

For commercial installations, please visit our affilate website that is 100% dedicated to meeting your commercial needs.
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commercial installations

Commercial Services:
  • Automation & Control
  • Building Pre-Wire
  • Video Conferencing
  • Digital Signage
  • Audio & Video Distribution
  • Climate Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Shade Control
  • Building Security
  • Entry Systems
  • Enterprise Networking

Commercial Applications:
  • Conference Rooms
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Hospitality
  • Multi-Family
  • Medical Offices