Architectural speakers are loudspeakers that use a building’s structure as the “cabinet,” meaning in-wall or in-ceiling. This allows the speakers to be smaller and less obtrusive than conventional speakers. They can fit any room size, blend discreetly into any décor and offer incredible sound coverage and quality. So which brand offers the necessary sound quality and look that your home needs? We think that answer is quite simple…

The people who run Origin Acoustics – Jeremy Burkhardt, Ed Hasse, and Ken Humphreys – developed the technique and literally invented architectural speakers in the 1970s. That was when they were involved in SpeakerCraft, a famous name in the industry. These guys have over 100 years of experience between them in speaker design and have won numerous awards. Origin Acoustics Director Collection in-ceiling speakers and Composer series wall-mounted speakers feature many patented innovations and reflect their creators’ commitment to perfection in sound.

We use architectural speakers from Origin Acoustics because they are quite simply the best in the business. Origin speakers start from the base its founders established at SpeakerCraft and improve on it dramatically. Detail by detail, feature by feature, Burkhardt, Hasse and Humphreys have advanced every aspect of architectural speakers to produce an innovative product that is unmatched by anything else on the market.

Here’s what we mean:

  • Origin Acoustics in-ceiling architectural speakers feature the SpringLock mechanism, which allows them to be installed using no tools beyond those needed to cut the mounting hole. Engineered to apply the precisely correct torque, this avoids any damage to the drywall.
  • Origin pays a lot of attention to the materials its speakers use. The goal is to maximize the rigidity of the cone while reducing the weight of the speakers. Origin speakers’ woofer cones are made from injection molded graphite, fiberglass, and Kevlar. They’re specially designed to maintain their shape without stretching in use.
  • The drivers in Origin Acoustics speakers give improved performance with less distortion. Without going into too much technical detail here, the speakers are engineered so their suspension becomes more rigid at the sonic extremes, resulting in clearer sound at high volumes.
  • The speakers also feature the Dual Plane Stabilized Diaphragm (DPSD), whose improved suspension allows major gains in power handling at lower frequencies. Those heavy bass notes have never sounded clearer.
  • Origin speakers come in a variety of sizes. The Director Collection features six, eight, and ten-inch round speakers, while the Composer Collection includes rectangular speakers from 15 to 28 inches tall for in-wall installation.
  • The new design invented by Origin allows the speakers to fit an eight-inch woofer into a six-inch baffle, or a ten-inch woofer into an eight-inch baffle. This gives you more bass sound with less required space than other speakers.
  • Even the appearance of the speakers has been upgraded with an eye to classical theories of beauty and symmetry. With the Composer series, the result is a longer, thinner appearance following the Golden Mean that becomes a visual enhancement of your home. With the Director Collection, the only visible part of the speaker is the grille, and that is designed with a very fine pattern of perforation and is barely visible. For a final touch, the grilles are painted to match the wall or ceiling where they’re installed.

All of these speakers are designed from the ground up, using no standard off-the-shelf parts. For innovation, performance, and appearance, there is nothing else remotely like them. Whether you want your speakers to contribute affirmatively to the appearance of the room or to be visually subtle, Origin provides what you are looking for, and gives the very best in architectural speaker sound.

When designing the home entertainment portion of a smart home system or simply for a home theater, we want speakers that deliver superior sound with superior visual appearance and amenity to any home or room, and Origin Acoustics delivers exactly that. And that’s why we make Origin Acoustics speakers a part of our design and install. They are quite simply the best in the biz.

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