Follow These Important Steps for Better Internet Service

In our last blog, we covered the reasons why you might need a new network installation. Multiple streaming services, 4K video, and smart home controls are just a few aspects that could slow down an average network. The best solution is to work with a local network installation company in the Brookhaven, GA area. Our team takes many precautions and steps to ensure your Internet is fast and reliable. Here is an in-depth description of our networking services.

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Networking Services

Homevision Solutions uses quality, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi technology to support the smart homes we install. Here is a summary of the steps we take to ensure your connection is robust and reliable.

Assessment: Our first step in the process is to visit your property and do a full assessment. Some things we look for are the size of your home, what it is made of and any surrounding obstructions, and the current connections you have in place. We also take a deeper look into your daily lifestyle and what kinds of habits you have using technology. Does your family love to watch 4K streaming content? Or perhaps you have a home office and need the internet to be reliable when you work late hours.

The Homevision Solutions team will make sure the network is powerful enough to transmit all the connections you want – from lighting and shading to audio/video, security and more.

Planning: During the planning phase, we design an official blueprint to get your smart home up and running with the best performance. Our staff will create a proposal and price estimate so you can plan on the work that will be done and budget for the upcoming costs.

We can move forward with the installation after we go over those details with you and you sign off on the proposal.

Installation: Homevision Solutions uses both wired and wireless solutions to make sure your internet connection is reliable. We use wireless access points in main areas of your home and then check all of the connections to make sure there are no dead zones. If we find that there’s need for additional labor or equipment, we’ll let you know before proceeding.

Service & Support: Homevision Solutions is here for you for the long haul. We offer 24-7 service and support so if your network ever fails, we can quickly get it up and running. We understand how crucial it is to have reliable internet access, and we promise you can trust us to deliver any maintenance or repairs along the way no matter what time of day or night it is.

If you are interested in upgrading your network or installing a smart home system, please contact us!

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