Make Sure You Have the Right Technology for Your Home Entertainment

A lot of focus is put on the TV you choose and the speakers you install in a home theater. However, there are other devices you should consider adding to your Roswell, GA home if you want to enjoy a multitude of content in any location of your house. In order to distribute home audio video, you need an amplifier, controller, and matrix switch. Read this blog to learn about how you can make your home smart with these Control4 devices.

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These devices allow you to play high-quality audio throughout your house whether it is large or small. Control4’s amplifiers can deliver music in up to eight zones—meaning eight different areas of your home. These components can even detect problems automatically and report them to prevent damage. Further, whenever you are not using the amplifier it will turn off to save energy. With this key component, you can play high-resolution music in your backyard, bedroom, living room…anywhere you want, both quickly and easily.

Matrix Switches

While an amplifier amps up the power for your speakers, a matrix switch acts like a traffic controller and directs where signals should go in your home. Control4’s switches are the most up to date and can send a 4K video signals to your bedroom or living room. All of your video sources from DirecTV to HBO and Netflix will be conveniently tucked away in a closet or hidden area of your house so that it’s out of the way but still easily accessible. You could be relaxing in the living room watching a football game, and then pause it so you can resume it upstairs in your bedroom. Not only can you switch sources and locations easily but you can get rid of AV clutter by reducing the amount of equipment you need to play content.


A controller is the brain of your smart home, allowing you to automate your audio video, lights, shades, and so much more. It makes every piece of your home work together seamlessly so you can control every device wirelessly using your phone or a touchpad. Control4 controllers are capable of automating a mansion or a single family home. Our team will customize your system so that it fits the size of your Georgia home and also matches your lifestyle. The Control4 app works with both iOS and Android devices. With a subscription to 4sight, the app, you can access your smart home remotely from any location in the world.

To add any of these audio video components to your home, contact us online. We can start small and outfit just one room in your home, or full automate the entire property.