Home automation and the “smart home” are great to read about. The ideas raise futuristic fantasies and science-fiction smiles, but in order to really understand and appreciate what a Control4 smart home can do, you need to do more than read about it.

You need to try it for yourself.

The biggest misconception that many people have about the latest home automation technology is that it’s complicated to use. We think of each device having its own control system, and of a homeowner managing a vast array of buttons and touch controls and maybe voice controls as if flying a spaceship solo. In truth, while the technology is indeed advanced and fairly complicated, using it is quite simple. It’s designed that way. What’s more, most of it happens out of sight.

What you see when you walk into a Control4 smart home isn’t something out of The Jetsons, with a robot maid and a bewildering horde of high-tech gadgets beeping and flashing, but simply a home. The benefits of home automation technology (and there are many) lie in what happens under the surface.

Control4 Home Devices

In a Control4 home, the various devices that manage home entertainment, lighting, security, temperature control, and more are all integrated and designed to work together. The controller (just one) for the system is often hidden in a convenient location, or built in with a view to enhancing the style of your home, as well as for optimum user-friendliness. It can also take the form of a single compact remote that runs all of the technology of the smart home.

In fact, the idea is to create a home that mostly runs itself. A smart home from Control4 requires the owner’s input mainly in setting preferences and parameters and guidelines. The technology takes it from there, managing things for optimum energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience. You can manually run the system yourself in all its details, but you don’t have to. Just like your digestive system, when it works right, you don’t notice it.

That’s what’s special about Control4 compared to many of the other companies that have jumped on the smart-home bandwagon lately. The idea of technology that controls some facet of the home environment that you would normally control manually – like a lamp, a video and stereo system, the HVAC system, or your home security – isn’t that hard to grasp, but this easily misses the biggest benefit Control4 offers, which is minimalism. Not minimalism in the sense of not doing much, but in the sense that everything is reduced to a few easy to manage devices that control everything in harmony, seamlessly.

The same gap in understanding that afflicts a lot of what’s on the market today can also confuse a homeowner. It’s not hard to grasp the power of smart home technology to manage all of the home’s adjustable systems to improve efficiency, comfort, and enjoyment. What’s harder for many people to get their minds around is how simple it can be to actually use and enjoy.

And that’s why you need to try it out for yourself. Schedule a demonstration at our appointment-only demo center to do just that. You can find out how on our web site’s contact page.