How to Add Smart Technology to Your Atlanta Business

Video conferencing is an incredibly useful tool in the workplace. A professional system will facilitate collaboration with remote workers, communication with partners, and negotiations with clientele. However, it takes more than simply purchasing a software system or roster of equipment to add this solution to your Atlanta, Georgia business. A professional audio video installer can help tailor your conference room or work spaces so that it help you meet your goals and improves efficiency. Keep reading to learn more.

Incorporate Professional Audio and Video

Our systems have HD video capabilities and both wireless and USB connections. Among the video features is a remote control to zoom, pan and tilt cameras to adjust the view during a call. Our system also helps you get the most out of your high fidelity speakers. It includes adaptive modeling that adjusts the sound to the room acoustics. It also lets you switch easily between different speakers in the room. For example, it’s easy to transfer your built-in laptop audio to in-wall or in-ceiling fixtures when you know you’re going to have a full room of people.

Expand Collaboration in Your System

As technology evolves, so does the way we use our video conferencing systems. Most meetings are not going to involve just two people looking at each other through a screen. Install a collaboration platform that includes screen sharing, file transfers, whiteboards and more. We have cloud-based technology that allows up to 25 participants to join your meeting and add up to four presenters. These presenters can join from another boardroom control system or from their smart phone if they’re on the go.

Extend Your Reach with Wireless Solutions

Incorporate a collaborative system that allows you to share content from a mobile device or tablet. You can also transfer streaming video from your device to your monitor and speakers wirelessly. This allows more people to collaborate easily without having to be linked to a USB cable in the room, giving your video conferencing system an easy-flowing atmosphere.

Why Work With Homevision Solutions

We make sure all the components are compatible and properly linked to your system. We also know employees might not be tech savvy, so we offer training for you and your team on how to use all the tools. More importantly, we build the foundation for any successful system: a strong network.

You need a strong network that will keep calls without lags or dips in quality. This is especially important with a collaborative platform that will incorporate other media and allow for wireless control. The benefits of easy transition from device to device are negated if your network creates an unnecessary delay when you want to change your presentation or add a new participant.

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