3 Reasons Why Automating Your Lights is Worth It

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How to Update Your Roswell Home with Lighting Control You can invest in beautiful home décor and hire designers to stylize each room meticulously, but if your lighting isn’t right, your furnishings won’t shine. The truth is that when your lighting is off, you can tell. Either certain areas are well-lit while others are took dark, or you just aren’t able to create the right mood. But lighting control isn’t just about making your Rosewell,...
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What It’s Like to Live in an Atlanta Smart Home

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Experience the Smart Home Automation Lifestyle with Control4 Our smartphones have become main control devices for us today. We use them for so many important tasks, like organizing our schedules and streaming music. And now with the onset of smart home automation, we can even access our security system, TV, lighting, and so much more via our phones. However, living in a smart home isn’t just about wireless connectivity. It’s about all of your...
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