Install Video Conferencing and More in Your Sandy Springs, GA Business

Fall and winter are the busiest times of year for a lot of businesses. Right before the rush of the holidays it’s crucial to be prepared for important meetings, presentations and networking opportunities. Is your conference room or boardroom ready with the right audio, video, automation, and video conferencing software? Homevision Solutions not only installs smart home systems, but it also outfits many Sandy Springs, GA businesses with technology that will launch their company to success. Keep reading to learn how video conferencing and audio/video solutions can help you get ready for meetings and more.

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Step 1: Set the scene with the press of one button.

Getting ready for a crucial meeting with business executives, clients, or team members can take up a lot of time. However, automated system take all that hard work out of the task. All you have to do is press one button and the motorized shades will come down, the lights will turn on, the audio video will activate, and the thermostat will adjust the room temperature to a comfortable degree. You could even schedule these settings to start at a specific time using an app on a wireless device or your desktop. If you have a meeting next Thursday at 9 a.m., save all those important settings under a name like “Thursday Meeting” and it will start 15 minutes before everyone is supposed to arrive. Additionally, you could make this meeting reoccur to save you even more time in the future.

Step 2: Conference in members of your team.

Once everyone is seated and focused, use our video conferencing software to call in remote members of your team. A reliable network and conferencing solution allows you to have video chats with anyone around the world. You can talk face to face even though you are thousands of miles away! Record your calls, save meeting notes and share them easily on a secure cloud, and follow-up with everyone the next day who was on your call.

Step 3: Present with confidence.

If the goal of your meeting is to make an important presentation, a projector, screen and high-resolution audio system will help drive you point home with ease. Press one button and the projector will come down, the audio will turn on and the lights will dim. If you are making a speech, we can incorporate a wireless microphone system into your conference room too. Instead of rushing minutes before your crucial meeting to set up the technology all you will have to do is press one button. You could even get the most out of your conference room by incorporating voice control into the system. Say, “Start Presentation” and the entire room will follow your beckoned call. You’ll appear confident and in control.

Follow these three steps and you’ll never have a bad meeting again. Contact us to prep your conference room today.