Use Custom Controls to Tailor Your Roswell, GA Home

There are many amazing benefits to using a Control4 system in your Roswell, GA home. From using your voice to turn on lights to managing your energy usage and securing your property, Homevision Solutions can tailor your home any way you like. Here is the latest news on Control4 smart home systems.

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Voice Control: Welcome to The Home of the Future

You may have seen more and more commercials lately on voice control. Amazon’s Alexa has launched voice control into many American homes. Families love it because all they have to do is say, “Alexa, turn on the lights,” and she will do it for you. From arming the security system to telling you the weather report, Alexa acts as a personal assistant. The best part is that Alexa can be integrated into your control system. All of your favorite scenes like “Welcome home”, “Away”, and “Movie” can be unlocked with your voice. Say, “Alexa, turn on Welcome Home,” and the security will disarm, the lights will turn on, the TV will bring up the local news report, and the shades will open to let in some sun.

To use voice control, you’ll need to place the Echo in a large area, like a living room and the smaller voice control devices – the Tap or Dot – in bedrooms, bathrooms, or patios. We will come in and add Alexa to your Control4 system and then you can start enjoying this fantastic solution.

Smart Watches, Remotes, and More

Maybe you still enjoy manual control your smart home. If that is true, the Control4 wireless app, 4Sight, lets you start and stop features with your wireless device. With a strong home network and the app downloaded on your phone, tablet, or smart watch you can turn lights on from miles away. You could be at work and lock a door that was left open or check in on pets using a security camera in the backyard.

Control4’s app not only lets you control these different areas of your home, but it’s also proactive and sends you alerts when certain events happen. If a stranger approaches your property or if someone leaves the house by unlocking the front door you will know. Our proprietary technology can even sense when there is a fire, flooding or broken window. Your Control4 system is smart enough to sense an emergency and let you know immediately via a text message or email. We know you live a busy lifestyle, so keeping your smart home controls handy when you are on the go is paramount.

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