Avoid these Common Mistakes with Video Conferencing Systems

Video conferencing is becoming more common in business communication. Though often, companies don’t know the proper setup needed for an optimal experience.

Here are some common mistakes that companies may make with their video conferencing system, and how our technology can function as a solution in your Alpharetta, GA workplace.

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Poor lighting

Lighting is influential in any setting, but it is especially critical to consider when discussing video conferencing.

A good video conferencing system will function as a substitute for live in-person meetings. Poor lighting can make the room feel stuffy, dim, and will overall not contribute to the atmosphere you are trying to create. Because video cameras capture light in a different way than our eyes do, finding the right lighting solution for video conferencing is essential.

Consider lights that you can brighten or dim from your smart device or shades that will allow natural light in that you can also lower when needed to reduce glare.

Poor wireless network

Your wireless network affects the majority of your video conferencing experience. You’re connecting to others via the internet, so it’s essential to ensure that the connection is stable and reliable. If your connection lags or even goes out completely, you may appear unprepared. Moreover, getting that connection back up will take time out of your day.

Consider what the right network solution is for you. Do you regularly have video meetings with several members in the room all connecting with their computers? Are you going to be accessing a server to display documents?

Streaming video, in general, can take a considerable amount of bandwidth, so consider a solid network setup with the appropriate amount of bandwidth. If not, you may experience lagging video.

We can work with you to find the right networking solution for your specific company.

Separate Methods of Controlling Each Technology

Maybe you have plenty of technology in your conference room, or you’re in the process of adding it. What next?

Consider how you’re going to be using it all. Will you and your colleagues get overwhelmed with all the new technology? Will setting it up and manually adjusting every feature or product take up more time than not having it?

A boardroom control system is the ideal solution for your technology-incorporated video conferencing system.

The control system allows you to manage your technology from one device, such as a tablet or touchpad.

A system like Control4 can sync your products together so that when it’s time for a presentation, you simply select the preset option and wait for the screen to lower, the lights to dim and the microphone and sound system to turn on.

Or once you’ve found the perfect combination of lighting and audio settings for different video conferencing scenarios (such as presentations on a screen versus a sit-down discussion with other team members), save it so that you can use it again with a single tap.

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