Find Out Why It Was Named CEPro’s Top Company in 2017

Each year CEPro—a magazine dedicated to the custom technology industry—polls the top home technology professionals in the country to find out their favorite brands.

For the second time running, Control4 found itself at the top of that list with 61 percent of dealers saying it’s their go-to brand for smart home automation.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the reasons the company continues to win over fans among both installers and homeowners. Check out why it might be the perfect fit for your Sandy Springs, GA home.

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Stick with the Brands You Love

Already have a Nest thermostat regulating your temperature or Sonos speakers to listen to your favorite music? You can bring all those brands together under one umbrella with Control4. The company is always adding new, certified partners that work seamlessly with their systems. Their latest upgrades in 2017 were improved integration with Amazon Alexa and the popular Ring Video Doorbells.

Control Just the Way You Want

With the 4Sight subscription, you get unprecedented control over your smart home automation system. You get remote access from a mobile app, voice control, and notifications of important events. The most significant innovation to the 4Sight App in 2017 was the addition of When–>Then personalization.

Through an easy-to-use interface, homeowners can play around with their automation features to customize their system. Create new scenes, schedules, and settings that are more attuned to your evolving schedules, tastes, or technology.

Create an Entertainment Haven

Entertainment has always been a hallmark of Control4’s offerings. In 2016, they stood out with the release of the EA-Series that made it easy to manage entertainment systems in a single room or an entire home. In 2017, they took advantage of their acquisition of Triad speakers to craft the ultimate multi-room audio system.

Control4 now offers matrix switches that can relay audio to up to 96 separate zones. Enjoy the same music or different playlists in each room. Their brand new system also provides easy access to streaming favorites like Pandora, TIDAL, and iHeartRadio.

Set the Right Foundation

All Control4 smart home automation systems rely on a strong networking foundation to get all devices communicating efficiently. From the control iPads you use to the shows you stream on Netflix, they all require a strong connection to function.

Control4 partners with Pakedge to create the ultimate networking backbone for your smart home. Traffic is prioritized according to your needs. And since Pakedge solutions are specifically designed for smart home use, they can handle the heavy bandwidths associated with them.

In 2017, they rolled out a new training program for all certified dealers. The training focuses on how to use Pakedge gear to create fast, reliable networks.


Whether you already have a Control4 system in place or are looking to install a new solution, these upgrades could make all the difference in 2018.

If you want to learn more about Control4 and smart technology you can reach us through our live chat on the bottom right of the page or our online contact form.