Review These Guidelines When Considering a Professional Network

Let’s face it, you really can’t get anything done without Internet access. It’s a byproduct of living in the 21st century. We use our smartphones for everything today, from managing our schedules, checking into the gym, and now controlling our smart home. But what happens when your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) equipment isn’t cutting it? The truth is that it may not be their fault; local ISPs in the Sandy Springs, Georgia area aren’t built to handle large residences, advanced smart home systems, or high-end audio video components. These applications require a trained and knowledgeable professional to perform a home network installation. Here are three issues you may be facing right now, and the solutions we offer to solve them.

1. You have a smart home, or many connected devices.

If you have a smart home or are thinking about getting one, a professional wireless network is a requirement, not an option. If you have many connected devices or streaming platforms in a dedicated home theater, you’ll need one as well. High-bandwidth devices put a lot of pressure on home networks, and simply purchasing a faster Internet speed won’t solve the problem. You need a local professional to place routers in the right locations and provide commercial-grade hardware. Higher-quality networks use faster CPUs and memory to process multiple connections at once, and advanced thermal management to keep equipment cool. They also can handle a greater number of connected devices and the intense network traffic.

2. You live outside of normal network service areas.

If you live in a more remote location outside of Atlanta or if your home is surrounded by hills or trees, your connection may not be reliable. Structures can block service, and certain locations can make accessing the Internet especially difficult. We can assure you that it doesn’t matter where you live, we can find a solution and install a network that meets all of your smart home’s needs. Our team will work with you to provide a wireless network than works for you and your budget.

3. You use a lot of streaming services.

While many families pay for cable, even more are paying for monthly streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, VUDU, Pandora, Deezer or Apple Music. It is a fact you can access more music, movies, and games when you have Internet access. However, often these shows will freeze, lag, or have extremely poor quality picture because the Internet connection isn’t strong enough. You might be paying for the fastest IP speeds, HD quality movies or hi-fi music, but it won’t be delivered without a proper network inside your home. A professional network quickly and easily solves this problem, so you’ll never experience slow download speeds or poor quality content again. You can come home after a long day of work and relax with your favorite program instead of getting frustrated over poor connection.

Do you meet all or one of these criteria?

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