Media Streaming On The Road: Connect Your Device Over Hotel Wi-Fi

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When you’re traveling and have your portable media streaming device along (Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV), you’d like to use it with your hotel room’s TV to watch movies, shows, sports, or whatever you want to see on a nice-sized screen. The problem is that the hotel’s wireless network usually requires either a password or, at minimum, for you to click a button accepting the terms and conditions before you can navigate to anything...
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Try It For Yourself: Don’t Just Read About It, Experience It

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Home automation and the “smart home” are great to read about. The ideas raise futuristic fantasies and science-fiction smiles, but in order to really understand and appreciate what a Control4 smart home can do, you need to do more than read about it. You need to try it for yourself. The biggest misconception that many people have about the latest home automation technology is that it’s complicated to use. We think of each device having its own...
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