Enjoy These Added Benefits of Lighting Control

So far we’ve covered the main benefits of lighting control –saving energy, time, and adding convenience. But did you know the lighting in your Sandy Springs, GA home also has an effect on your interior design and security? An automated lighting system will make your house look even more beautiful and also protect it from unwanted intruders. Keep reading to learn more.

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Refresh Your Home’s Interior Design with Lighting

If you feel your home needs a renovation or redesign, don’t neglect to include the lighting in your plans. Oftentimes, homeowners focus on the color scheme and the furniture pieces and completely overlook how the lighting will also impact the look and feel of the room. You can create a stylish atmosphere in your home with the touch of a button by installing smart lighting controls.

First, highlight the areas you want to emphasize, while downplaying the parts that you don’t. For example, highlight a piece of artwork by shining lights on it. Bring attention to your beautiful marble counter tops in the kitchen by installing downlights underneath the cabinets. With our mobile app, it only takes a few swipes on your touchpad to craft an entirely new arrangement. Make the lights brighter for a lively party or dim them for relaxing dinner with your family.

But don’t stop at mere dimming and zone control – add a splash of color. Philips Hue bulbs are the perfect addition to your lighting control system. The LED smart bulbs pack thousands of color options, and they can be tied in to your Control4 system. That means it’s easy to choose an elegant red and white color scheme for Christmas time, and convert it into a celebratory New Year’s arrangement after the holiday.

Plus, you can install your smart bulbs anywhere. When the family and friends have gathered in your home for merry festivities, designate different rooms for different activities. Choose a cool blue hue for a place to relax and converse, and a classy white for the dining room. You can even turn the lights off in areas that you don’t want to draw attention to. With smart lighting, your home looks better than ever.

Stay Secure on Vacation

Whether you’re visiting family or just seeking some time away to relax, you want to remain confident that your home is secure while traveling. Smart lighting can help.

Along with a strong security system and surveillance cameras, your automated lighting system can be programmed to enhance your home’s safety. Control4’s “mockupancy” feature turns lights on and off throughout your home during the day and night, giving the impression that someone is always in the house.

Moreover, floodlights can be installed in your yard to activate when any movement is detected. Working in conjunction with your surveillance cameras, you can have brightly lit footage streamed directly to your tablet or smartphone, so you’ll be able to see any potential threats in real time.

Are you ready to enhance your Sandy Springs, GA home with a smart lighting installation? Contact us today for more information.