How to Control Your Lights During the Busiest Season of the Year

Brookhaven is ramping up for the holidays, which means it’s important to have a game plan for the busiest time of the year. Making lists and getting ahead of the shopping crowds is a good idea, but what are you doing at home to prepare for visitors, parties, and other events? Lighting control can not only help you prepare for parties, but it can also help you save money and energy so you can use those extra dollars for your Thanksgiving turkey or a nice gift for a loved one. Keep reading this blog to get our holiday lighting guide.

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Be the Perfect Host

Having family over for Thanksgiving weekend? Use dimmers to make the room feel warm and cozy. Change the lighting at any point to make the room brighter or darker using the Lutron app on your smartphone. Need to season the gravy in the kitchen? Make the kitchen brighter by saying, “Alexa, turn kitchen lights on 100%.” With Alexa, you can simply ask to turn the lights on and it will! Lutron is compatible with Control4 and Alexa devices. Your guests can even easily control the lights using convenient keypads on the wall that are labeled, “all on”, “all off”, or “dinner.” If your family members or friends are staying over for the night, they can use small remotes located on their bedside table to turn off the lamp, change the fan setting, or dim the lights so they can read a book before bed. Since Lutron is so easy to use, your visitors will never get overwhelmed or confused when trying to control the home lighting.

Decorate Your Home in Holiday Style

HUE Phillips color bulbs are compatible with Control4 systems and Lutron so you can light up the room in all colors of the rainbow. For example, on Halloween, use a spooky green light on the front porch to set the scene for trick or treating. Add pops of the color orange inside your home for Halloween parties to complement the pumpkins throughout the house. When Christmas and Hanukah come around, decorate your home with a snowy blue color or red and green to match your décor. Of course you don’t have to use colored light to decorate. Soft white will still create a warm and inviting atmosphere for any occasion you have at home. If you have a beautiful new lighting fixture you want to dim, we’ll work with you to create the right lighting plans that suite your needs and style.

Save Big

You don’t have to neglect your goals for saving energy when adding beautiful lighting to your Georgia home. Lutron lighting control actually helps you save energy throughout the year by giving you the power to turn off the lights when they are not in use with wireless technology and automating specific sequences. With Lutron, your lights will turn on to a specific level as the sun rises, turn off when the sun is strongest and high in the sky, and then turn on to full capacity at night when the moon is out. Your smart home will follow natures schedule in every season so that electricity is never wasted. Simply adding dimmers can save you up to 30 percent on energy usage every month. Not only will that help you save more money, but it will also help conserve the world’s natural resources. After all, giving back is in the holiday spirit right?

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