Enhance the Customer Experience With an Audio Video Installation

It doesn’t matter if you are a busy bar in downtown Atlanta or a refined restaurant in the Georgia suburbs, audio video should definitely be a part of your business. A professional installation company like us will be able to provide standout service and support for all of your needs. Read this blog to discover our tips for outfitting your commercial business with an audio video installation.

1. Distributed Audio

Music is an essential piece of running a restaurant. You want your customers to feel comfortable while setting the scene for the dining experience. You don’t want large, ugly black boxes hanging around your restaurant since they don’t blend in with the décor. Instead, hire a professional to install recessed speakers in the ceiling and walls. Whether your guests are washing their hands in the restroom or ordering a drink at the bar, they’ll be able to hear the music you are playing. With our advanced systems, you aren’t limited to choosing one track. You could play rock on the patio, top hits in the bar, and calming smooth jazz in the front while patrons are waiting for a table. Staff members will be able to adjust the volume and change the song at any time using a convenient wireless device, like a tablet or sleek touchpad hanging on the back wall.

2. HD and UHD Video

Sometimes guests want to have a beer or cocktail while they watch a sports game. Or maybe you just want to create background noise for a busy bar. Hanging a TV in key points of your bar is a great way to keep visitors entertained. High-definition picture or the latest 4K model will both look beautiful in your restaurant, too. It doesn’t have to just play sports or the news though. You can use video screens to display artwork, menus, advertisements, and more. Interactive screens give guests something to browse while they wait or even order takeout! We have so many versatile video systems that you are surely bound to find something that suits your unique business.

3. Automated Controls

How do you currently control the audio/video in your place of business? If you need to stand on a chair to change the channel, fiddle with the audio settings just to get it to play softer or have problems with cords lying around your establishment, it’s time for a major update. Our systems allow you to control audio-video wirelessly. You can change the channel or adjust the volume by simply swiping your finger on a tablet. It’s fast, easy to use and complements your building’s décor by not obstructing artwork or furnishings.

To add any of these features to your Atlanta restaurant, contact us online! We’d love to help you update the technology in your business to meet the demands of paying customers.

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